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What is COVID-19 Test Us?

COVID-19 Test Us is a research program brought to you by the National Institutes of Health sponsored Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADxSM) initiative. COVID-19 Test Us includes many studies that are helping researchers learn more about COVID-19 tests and how to best use them.

What is this research about?

We want to learn the best testing strategies to detect COVID-19 in people who may or may not have symptoms.

The COVID-19 Test Us studies seek to understand and develop new approaches to testing that work best to stop the spread of COVID-19.

These approaches will look at the best timing for tests and formats of tests that can be taken at home, work or school.

Why is this research being done?

Looking at ways to test for COVID-19 helps researchers learn which methods are accurate, quick and easy to use.

Knowing more about the best ways to test for COVID-19 in home, work or school settings is an important way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, there have been 10 studies across 9 participating sites including over 1,650 participants in this initiative.

Who is doing this research?

COVID-19 Test Us studies are being coordinated by the University Of Massachusetts Chan Medical School in partnership with:

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Johns Hopkins University
Northwestern University
University of Iowa
Morehouse School of Medicine
Eureka Digital Platform
Quest Diagnostics


Interested in participating?